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Welcome to "Jinzhou Weiyang Crystal Singing Bowl Factory ",It's our great honor to serve you!
    Functions of the Crystal singing Bowls
Balance the energy system of body
Eliminate negative energy
Relax your body and mind
Release fear and anxiety
Optimize the endocrine system
Improve sleep
Reduce blood pressure
Improve the intelligent observance
Promote the harmony and
  integrity of body and soul
Purify space and environment
  geomancy and energy
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Product instruction

Welcome to Weiyang Crystal Singing Bowl Factory, where offers top quality crystal singing bowls and vibration treatment tools to you. Each bowl has its patent technology, all our bowls are integrally shaped with 99.99% crystals in a vacuum and dust-free environment, the bubbles or impurities are avoided during the process of fabrication, therefore, the bowl surface is tight and has more gentle voices, the duration of voice vibration is longer, the energy is larger, and it could make fabulous sounds with curative effects.




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